The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter, Day 13: Canadian Historical Association

Founded in 1922, the Canadian Historical Association is a bilingual organization with 1,200 members scattered across Canada, the United States and the rest of the world, dedicated to scholarship in all fields of history. Its submission to the copyright consultation raised concerns about digital lock legislation:

recommends that penalties for circumventing of “digital locks” (mechanisms that prevent copying digitized material) and format-shifting be tied to infringement. The circumvention of digital locks for non-infringing purposes like research, private study, criticism, or review should not be subject to penalty. For instance, if a researcher wishes to copy and insert a clip of a film or music into his/her conference presentation from a DVD or CD and/or convert that clip into a compatible format, this should be considered fair use, falling under research

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  1. We don’t need no history. It’s all just business.