Who’s Watching Whom: An Examination of Canadian Privacy and Surveillance

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Who’s Watching Whom: An Examination of Canadian Privacy and Surveillance

Earlier this week I was pleased to speak at the monthly Geek Girls Toronto event. Hosted at the Mozilla offices, a sold-out audience showed yet again that there is enormous public interest and concern with recent privacy and surveillance developments. A video of the talk, which focused on the problems associated with lawful access, privacy reform, and surveillance, is posted below.


  1. Kelly Marie Richard says:

    Important Evidence Relating To This Issue That All Canadians Need To Read
    The evidence posted below the text on the home page linked below proves who the mega private corporation doing the spying and data collection for CSEC and the NSA are, and that they are major partners with Harper and his government, and the evidence posted on this website linked below proves the violation of Canadians rights goes far beyond what has been reported in the media to date…


  2. Kelly Marie Richard says:

    Major Conflicts of Interest Relating to Bills Harper & his Government Are Pushing Through
    The evidence proves that there are major conflicts of interests relating to the bill’s Harper & his government are pushing through, and here are just a few important examples…

    Harper & his government are major partners with the mega private corporation, CGI, who do the spying and data collection for the NSA and CSEC. The evidence proves that Harper & his government have awarded CGI contracts worth BILLIONS, placing thousands of CGI employees into almost EVERY department of our government, and Harper even made a primary member of CGI’s Board of Directors, a major CGI stockholder, GG…

    “At CGI, we’re in the business of satisfying clients. For more than 30 years, we’ve partnered with U.S. defense, civilian, and intelligence agencies”… http://www.nhdf.org/7-national-symposium/exhibitors/whos-exhibiting/cgi



    “CGI is launching a Canadian defence, public safety and intelligence unit based on similar efforts in the United States.”… http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/cgi-to-launch-defence-and-intelligence-unit-in-canada/article596014/


    CGI also have major contracts with the RCMP and other law enforcement agencies across Canada…


    And CGI are key partners with the telecoms…

    “Bell Canada in 10-year $4.5 billion outsourcing contract with CGI”…


    “Canada’s top telecom providers, serving 23 million wireless subscribers, have chosen CGI for our IT services expertise. Our telecoms and media offerings cover CGI’s end-to-end service offering—including business consulting, systems integration and IT outsourcing services—and include specialized expertise in such areas as enterprise mobile services, M2M, billing, rating and order management, credit and risk management, collections, customer care, order orchestration and provisioning, business intelligence, testing and certification and more. We’ve built long-term partnerships with Canadian clients, such as Bell Canada”… http://www.cgi.com/en/canada/industry-expertise

    To view much more evidence on this issue proving the serious conflicts of interest that exist relating to this issue, including substantial evidence proving CGI are unlawfully using the extreme access they have to Canadians most private and personal information to commit crimes against Canadians to serve their private and financial interests, and the interests of their clients, open link below…


  3. Running with it
    CGI is a one stop shop, eh?

    Seems they touch most every aspect of our lives (from wiki):

    Banking and financial markets
    Central and federal government
    Defense and intelligence
    Health and human services
    State, provincial and local government
    Public safety and justice
    Tax, revenue and collections
    Oil and Gas
    Posts and logistics
    Retail and consumer services

    Yet we don’t really hear much about them (in terms of privacy and who accesses what).

    Also, with a 400-million dollar gov contract (that’s just the email system) with Bell-CGI, I now see why Bell was “apprehensive” in giving more detail to the privacy commissioner in regards to all the data they give away about their subscribers.

    TY for bringing CGI on the radar (for me anyhow).

    Would be very interesting to know what info CGI sells about Canadian people, and to whom.

  4. Kelly Marie Richard says:

    Dear Dr. Who & All Canadians
    Please read about the serious crimes CGI committed against me and my family, and view the substantial evidence proving everything I’ve reported and much more about CGI’s extreme involvement in the lives of Canadians, by opening link below…