Spotify on iPad air & Bose qc15 by Julien Sabardu (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Spotify on iPad air & Bose qc15 by Julien Sabardu (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)


SOCAN Reports Canadian Internet Music Streaming Copyright Revenues Soar 525%

SOCAN, Canada’s largest music copyright collective, released its annual report this week, reporting record revenues and a massive increase in earnings from Internet streaming services. SOCAN reports that copyright revenues from Internet streaming hit $21.3 million, a 525% increase over the $3.4 million generated in 2013. The huge increase in Internet streaming revenues in Canada points to why persistent criticism about Tariff 8, a Copyright Board tariff for Internet streaming misses the mark. As I pointed out last year, Tariff 8 is only part of a larger ecosystem of royalties paid for Internet music streaming.

Indeed, the fact that songwriters, composers, and music publishers are successfully generating new revenues from Internet music services has actually been a target of criticism by the Canadian Recording Industry Association, which has intervened in tariff proceedings involving SOCAN to argue that its tariff proposals are “grossly excessive.”


  1. Devil's Advocate says:

    And yet, we’re always hearing how “Piracy is killing Music!”

    Nice to know there’s 525% more money for these “collectives” to not forward to the artists.

  2. James Duncan says:


    $23 Million total streaming (up from $2 Million) vs $299 Million total traditional.

    This move to streaming is going to work out just great for the music industry.

    Look, no one is saying streaming is completely bad, but to take these numbers completely out of context is pretty irresponsible.

    This is my major complaint with advocacy blogging, journalists and commentators.

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