Ontario Government Bans Facebook for Bureaucrats

The Toronto Star reports that the Ontario government has banned bureaucrats, political staffers and most MPPs from accessing Facebook from government computers.

Update: The CBC covers the story with video on Facebook and the government decision. 


  1. Bruce Elrick says:

    I wonder if this means Ontario government human resources personnel won’t be able to look up embarassing information on potential new hires as well.

  2. Adeel Khan says:

    I hope the Federal and other provincial governments follow suit.

    If politicians want to be on Facebook (even if it for connecting with the general populace), they should do it on their own time and on their own computer.

    I do not want my tax money to be contributing to someone\’s lesisurely activities in the parliament.

  3. Serf
    As a low-level federal employee, I can safely say I can’t get on facebook either.

  4. It\’s about time. Half my co-workers within the provincial gov\’t were spending their entire day on Facebook while I was busy trying to finish deals.