Canadian Press on CIRA Whois Change

The Canadian Press covers the upcoming CIRA Whois change, with CIRA President Byron Holland promoting the fact that the policy will put CIRA at the forefront internationally and acknowledging that the current approach is not consistent with the spirit of the law (I think a strong case can be made that it is not consistent with the law itself).

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  1. Real Estate Dave says:

    I think that the change to the Who is, is sad. I believe the current system is great because no-one has cart blanch. When I get some internet service offer right now i pop over to CIRA and do a who is search. Bingo I know if this is the same company who has tried to hit me with 7 other offers under different names, or it is someone reputable. I don’t think the internet should be somewhere you can just register a new domain name and no-one knows your reputation.

    Dave Williams