Show Your Fair Copyright for Canada Colours

In light of several requests, we've launched a Fair Copyright for Canada online shop at Cafe Press.  You can now get t-shirts, buttons, stickers, mugs and an assortment of other schwag.  In addition to the Fair Copyright for Canada stuff, users are invited to submit their own artwork ideas for future products.  All revenues generated from the sales will be used to help fund rallies that are being planned for the fall as well as support for Creative Commons Canada.


  1. Anonymous says:

    haha NICE!

    I like the golf shirt!

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a great idea, and I’m interested in buying, but what is the money being used for?

  3. LOL read the blog post.

  4. 61 days of c-61 reform?
    Day 02: T-SHIRTS!!!

  5. If you put the letters “DRM” on a t-shirt, is it protected against illegal copying with fines of $20,000 per attempt to “make available for distribution”?

    What if I use Tide to wash the shirt and the DRM comes off? Do I go to jail without paying another $20,000? Wow, Monopoly now sounds so old age.


  6. Paul R. Pival says:

    Additions to the store?
    Michael, I’m putting in an order for stickers, but would LOVE to see some of these images added to the store as well: [ link ]

  7. ditto
    I came here to say the same thing as Paul. I bought a t-shirt too. Jim Prentice is coming to a Stampede breakfast July 5. I don’t think I’ll get them in time, but if I get it together we can print off some of those posters Paul linked to.

  8. imported?
    It looks like Cafepress ships from the US through the mail, so when goods arrive in Canada you likely have to pay Canada Post a ‘service fee’ along with PST and GST? Please correct me if this is not true.

  9. pinoyconsole says:

    with facebook group logo
    I just want to know if it\’s possible to have the Faircopyright Facebook Group Logo in the shirt printed. I think it\’s more cool shirt for young people like me and how about some slogan and not just the maple leaf logo?

  10. is there customs involved?
    what is th emoney used for?

    i LOVE your website and the fact that there is somone out there who cares about the new laws and tech

    but im curios too…