Dion Promises to Revise C-61?

Liberal MP Garth Turner held a huge town-hall meeting with Stephane Dion on Wednesday night that included a question and answer session with several dozen bloggers.  Reports indicate that copyright was one of the issues raised with Dion promising to revise C-61 to strike a better balance between consumers and creators.  Anyone with further information is welcome to comment.


  1. Rob Russell says:

    Somewhat of a confirmation
    I was in the small reception (about 60 internet weirdos) with Garth, Stephane and the person asking the question regarding C-61. There wasn’t time for them to get to my question about whether Stephane would make the Copyright Pledge, though I provided his staff with a copy.

    In responding to the C-61 questions, Stephane made it clear that he was aware of the controversy, even stating how bad it was that this was simply a DMCA knockoff.

    Stephane avoided commenting at all on any of the particulars of C-61, and spoke mostly about the process surrounding its introduction. Stephane seems committed to an open and accessible process, though he doesn’t yet seem to understand exactly what parts of the bill are wrong and why.

    Any commitments from Stephane regarding bill C-61 were limited to kicking it back to committee and/or holding public consultations, but no commitments were made regarding any revisions.

    Garth Turner has stated that video of the question and answer should soon be made available, and I know that there were at least 4 personal video cameras (not TV cameras!) recording the question and answer.

    Although there was no time for my questions, I was asked to send them forward to him in writing. I will make any responses available to you.

    Thanks for your efforts, Michael — us internet weirdos are being you all the way.

  2. Rob Russell says:

    Behind you. We’re not being you, we’re behind you.

    HP makes crappy keyboards. That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

  3. Further Confirmation
    M. Dion was asked about C-61 twice, once at the smaller, bloggers’ reception, and a second time in the larger forum. I can’t recall exactly what he said in response to which question, but between the two of them, he made two commitments:

    1. In opposition, to use a functional committee to hold hearings, call witnesses, and give the bill the public airing that it lacked during its drafting. Then, to bring amendments to remold it into something that strikes the right balance.

    2. If elected (presumably before its passage?), to scrap Bill C-61 and start again with the proper process.

    I’m sure there will be video soon and we won’t have to rely on the recollections of attendees.

  4. I am still voting NDP
    I remember Bill C-60, it was also done under influence of corporate stakeholders.

  5. We need Leadership From Dion
    I’m glad that the Liberals are willing to sit down with all stake holders and try and come up with a balanced solution. However you have two very strong ideologies in this debate, and it would have shown some leadership qualities on behalf of Dion to unveil a bit more of an understanding on this issue that so many Canadians are concerned about. That is very disappointing, and I think he will need to change that in the months ahead if Canadians do go to the polls, and those interested look at the political leaders closely to see some sort of understanding on what’s wrong with C-61 and come up with an informed policy platform surrounding the issues in this debate.

    With the political make up of our current parliament, and in a previous blog posting by Dr. Geist acknowledging that it maybe hard to imagine this bill ever becoming close to a balanced approach in a committee. Too many people competing to get their word in edge wise, and too much politics and bickering to come up with a true and balanced approach. We need to study what has occurred and have a full understanding of the shift to the digital realm, before a balanced approach can be met. A parliamentary committee in our current parliament will not meet this objective.

    Each side is currently lobbying, however neither side has yet to produce a full independent study on how these proposed changes will effect Canadian businesses and their relationship with their consumers, what this will mean for future and current competition in these markets, and a solid understanding on where these markets will be in the future. So far the government has not yet seen any Canadian independent data in this debate, and those studies that contain Canadian Content that are currently available are being ignored by all political parties. We cannot rely on industry reports from those competing in today’s marketplace. We risk relinquishing control of that marketplace to a selected few if we do that, which will crush SME’s which are the large portion of our economy here in Canada. ALL must be accounted for in this debate, and ALL data must be independently Canadian in order to do what’s best in this debate and for our Country, and businesses.

    In order for the liberals to be of any help at all in this debate, Dion must take his tail out from between his legs, bring the government down on not just this issue, but several other issues that are important to Canadians right now, and come up with a solid direction and understanding of the issues Canadians care about in his election platform. It’s time for Dion to step up to the school yard bully, and start acting like a leader, or we’ll be stuck with C-61 and it will be made worse by committee.

  6. I met with Marc Garneau, the Liberal candidate in the upcoming by-election in Montreal. He said that his policy (and I think he said, the Liberal position) is to scrap C-61, do public consultations, and then redraft the law.

  7. get ready for a disappointment says:

    get ready for a disappointment
    you are all going to be HUGELY disappointed
    /me shakes head.

    The reason that they ain’t saying much is that hollywood has not sent the right sized check yet.
    Be patient it will arrive and hten the true liberal and CONservative joining can take place.

  8. flinstone had a baby says:

    liberals need to get balls
    look if liberals want to aggrivate youth as much as the conservatives have done they under 35yr olds will be more inclined to vote NDP or green party.
    that will shift more seats to the NDP maybe enough, to really make things interesting.

    Harper thinks he has support but its fading fast.
    Dion needs ot be more clear aobut the green plan he has, and get the idea out there.

  9. Scott Elcomb says:

    Another confirmation
    Heh. I was the internet weirdo that asked the question during the blogger’s reception. 🙂

    I agree with Bob’s & Dave’s assessments. I haven’t seen video from the reception yet, but if/when it comes out you’ll have to forgive my stumbling. lol. Right before I opened my mouth the tonne of cameras turned my way and wiped my mind clear. That and I was still digesting comments about Digital Democracy from Garth and Stephane. (And still savoring Stephane’s comment that “the media” is the past. There were a few good sound bites during the reception.)

    Recently I’ve also heard back from my MP – Wayne Marston, NDP. I’ll post his message to my new blog* shortly. It’s very supportive of the fight against C-61.

    * [ link ]

  10. I am a ‘Conservative’, but the Party is sp wrong on this issue I will vote against them, Now, I’m voting NDP but if Dion wises up, I will even vote for him.

  11. Scott Elcomb says:

    Names & Beliefs
    Sorry Rob (Russell) – in my previous message I referred to you as “Bob.”

    Brian: One of the things that I’ve learned over the last few years in regards to this exact topic – is that being non-partisan (until the last moment) is A Good Thing(TM?)

    Make your voice heard. /Force/ your MP, or other MP’s of the party you wish to support, to hear _your_ views. If that still doesn’t work, then perhaps it’s time to look at other perspectives.

  12. Scott Elcomb says:

    Forgive me for being Excited!
    At the moment I’m listening to one of my brother-in-law’s cd’s and I just cant’ help myself.

    Pistol Grip Pump!!

  13. Jourdespoir says:

    Change from Bloc to any who do good agai
    Hello guyz,

    Since the start of the campaign against the C-61, I had contact my federal representative with no answers… The Bloc Quebecois don’t seem to take the Quebec resident interest for that new bill. They seems to gather to the Quebecor media powerhouse.

    In that regard, I open actually, that the best Federal Party to preserve my computer user rights will get my vote for a long time.

    Think about it, I came from the Generation of Computer Users… Don’t forget that we are tons out there, that will do the same has me.