Copyright Pledge Gains Momentum – Green Party and NDP Candidates On Board

Last week, I posted a 2008 election copyright pledge that focused on three commitments for copyright reform – respecting both creators and consumers, ensuring that any reforms do not undermine or weaken user rights such as fair dealing, and committing to full public consultations on any reforms before introducing a bill and inclusive hearings once tabled.

The initial reaction to the pledge has been very strong.  I am pleased to advise that the Green Party (as a party) has agreed to the pledge.  In addition, the following NDP MPs have added their names as supporters:

  • Charlie Angus, New Democrat MP, Timmins-James Bay, ON
  • Olivia Chow, New Democrat MP, Trinity-Spadina, ON
  • Libby Davies, New Democrat MP, Vancouver East, BC
  • Michael Byers, New Democrat Candidate, Vancouver Centre, BC
  • Anne Lagacé Dowson, New Democrat Candidate, Westmount, QC
  • Phil Brown, New Democrat Candidate, Nepean-Carleton, ON
  • John Chan, New Democrat Candidate, Calgary Centre-North, AB
  • Tyler Kinch, New Democrat Candidate, Calgary Centre, AB

It is great to see the momentum behind a commitment to fair copyright reform in Canada (and note that Angus has just issued a press release focusing on NDP opposition to C-61).  With just under two weeks until the election, there is still time to raise the issue with local candidates.  Raise it today in your riding and let me know if you receive any responses.  I'll post an updated list next week.  The pledge again:
Will you commit to a balanced approach to copyright reform that reflects the views of all Canadians by pledging:

1.    To respect the rights of creators and consumers.

2.    Not to support any copyright bill that undermines or weakens the Copyright Act’s users rights.

3.    To fully consult with Canadians before introducing any copyright reform bill and to conduct inclusive, national hearings on any tabled bill.

In French:

Vous engagerez-vous dans une approche équilibrée de la réforme sur le droit d'auteur qui reflète les opinions de tous les Canadiens et Canadiennes en promettant:

1. de respecter les droits des créateurs et des consommateurs

2. de ne pas supporter tout projet de loi sur le droit d'auteur détruisant ou diminuant les droits des utilisateurs face à la Loi sur le droit d'auteur

3. De consulter pleinement les Canadiens et Canadiennes avant d'introduire toute réforme sur le droit d'auteur et de tenir des audiences nationales inclusives sur tout projet de loi proposé.


  1. Chris Brand says:

    NDP MPs or candidates ?
    Surely they\’re all \”candidates\” rather than \”MPs\” at this point ? I know some of them weren\’t MPs in the last parliament.

  2. Jeremy Woodcock says:

    Bev Oda Office -Scared of “union”
    Are you intersted in this comment. I am a 34 year old steelworker wh developed pulmonary fibrosis. I was the third worker to get the same disease from the same pulpit at Whitby steel plant. The steel plant also ran its business for 11 months with no dust collector. This means all hazardous chemicles and fumes went into the air, water and food chain for 11 months. At this time All Lead levels and metal dust levels were above the Ontario exsposure limit. Ms. Bed ODA Office, Her secretary stated: We are scared of unions therefore can’t deal with this environmental issue. NDP Jack Layton’d office “Sorry can’t help you, go to someone in your riding. Mr. Layton is good friends with Leo Gerrard President of Unitedsteelworkers of America. Layton will make polluters pay but what about people wh get sick from toxins? I went 6 weeks in the hospital with a tube in my lung. Gerdauameristeel and local 6571 uswa refused to give my wife sick and accident forms so I can get paid. I went 6 months with no pay and I am Union? Let’s talk politics. I have all the documents to support this and now the Ontario Ombudsman is investigating this “Corruption and Political cover -up. Jim Flarahty is investigatiing but just bull letters. No one will protect the Government, money comes first. I know, I am a victim of Canadian Political Corruption. I beleive polluting the environment for 11 months with no dust collector is a public interest. How come politicians don’t want to warn the public and ask paople if they all of a sudden became ill, go to the doctor.

    I can be reached at or 905-987-1537 This happened between 2005 and 2006 in Whitby and town of Durham. Nanoparticles travel thousands of km before dying off.

    Thank you.

    How much is a life from some ones negligence. I was offered $50,000 to walk away. I declined. Federal Government could face criminal charges under the clean air act, obstructing justice, comitting criminal offence under Bill C-45 under the Criminal Code of Canada passed in the House of Commmons in 2004.

  3. the steel worker above Unions = communism

    My fathers 30 yr business is being hit by a union if the union wins it will put his business into bankruptcy. I also think a proper place to address your issue would be the labor board and possibly your local health and safety or environment watch dog if you believe your air was polluted illegally.

    AS far as the pledge goes, NDP sent me the same press release asking for a donation, no personalized letter or comment; nothing. Liberals , conservatives No response. Green didn’t send me their agreement to the pledge but they must have assumed I would read it here; however they replied to my copyright reform questions when both called and emailed and I have a great deal of respect for a running candidate to answer all my questions (in a world of a muzzled democracy).

  4. Does your father treat his workers that bad? Maybe he deserves to go out of business. If not, he has nothing to worry about then, does he?

    Do you support the rule of the management elite? Those employees are what made your father’s business, not the other way around.

    Do not confuse socialism for communism. They are different.

  5. Kevin Wardrop
    Please add Irene Mathyssen (NDP/London-Fanshawe) to your growing list of Candidates (and I guess Sitting MPs) who have taken this pledge.

    For more details, I’ve posted the letter from Mrs. Mathyssen’s campaign over at [ link ]

  6. actually gregg it is the other way around, but i dont need to discuss it here as those sad couple hundred employees will be sitting on their ass come november thanks to their beloved union.

  7. Jeremy woodcock said: says:

    addressing proper channels from a guest
    Dear Guest. I have contacted the labour board, health and safety and all of the above. The question you raised ” IF you believe your air quality was illegal? Did the Government allow a business to operate unsafely (pollute) without shutting the plant down at the Federal level and Provincial level? Do you have loved ones? Children? I want to know if the Government says how important “going green” is and reduce emissions, then why hasn’t the Government informed the residents of what happened in their backyard in Whitby and Durham Region of Ontario? People trust the Government to make sure businesses are operating safely. I have a local union who protects the company. Why do we pay union dues? To make sure that employers don’t jeopardize people’s lives. Dear Guest? Are you willing to donate your lungs to me? My employer and union health and safety committee forgot to put the air filters in the ventilation system. OOPS! Where are my union dues going too? It certaintly wasn’t towards safety at the time! Dear Guest? If the union wins in your father’s case, your dad will lose his business. This must have to do with wages and safety? How many accidents have occured? How many employees starve because they filed for WSIB? Does your father treat the employees with respect and dignity? A real man will give a honest answer to that question? I have seen alot of “Cowards” including politicians, lawyers who are intimidated by huge corporations and unions. Sorry kid. Not me. The only reason I am not fired is I am trying to make awareness and to prevent what has happened to me and my family and I am telling the truth. I hope canadians would want to know if their commmunity is being polluted with toxins (beyond limits) without their knowledge. Everyone should arrive home the same way they arrived at work. To all employers and unions who turn their heads when it comes to safety and rather produce products and get that extra bonus in their pocket instead, should come forward and resign. Be a leader not a coward!! Does anyone know the meaning of Leadership in the dictionary? Our Society expects it and doesn’t get it. Who’s to blame? Speak up and change it!! This message is to all canadians!!