Warner Music Demands Takedown Of Music Posted on Own Band’s Website

Consistent with my column this week on takedowns, Mashable points to an incident where Warner Music Group demanded the removal of a video posted to YouTube that was used by the band itself to promote its music.


  1. DRM comes to the internet
    This is what it truly is copyright over use and abuse.
    NOW what do you bet that band doesn’t sign again with Warner brothers.

    that was a brilliant business move by this STUPID Canadian who is CEO.

  2. Reaffirms the level of stupidity in this debate
    When are not just the shareholders of these labels, but Artists and Governments going to realize how stupid these moves have become with regards to controlling content through copyright law? It was bad enough when Universal Music took down a “home video” of a 2 year old kid dancing to Prince that just happened to be playing on the radio that was posted to Youtube. Not letting your own band use the music it wrote to promote their music tops the stupidity rating. I’m glad this came at a time when a lot of artists, songwriters, consumers and Governments are watching this debate closely. Maybe now we’ll end up with balanced copyright legislation that meets the needs of the new media industry and not the needs of 4 labels which are clearly not acting on behalf of artists they represent but are acting on their own interests.

  3. they should contact nine inch nails
    ya know that other group that got screwed over buy the big 4 but does quite well on its own even giving out better quality tracks free EVEN on bit torrent.

    So ask your selves when the last time anything to do with a copyright benefited you.
    that’s where the imbalance today is.
    it was originated to give some benefit to the creator NOT a big conglomerate, and not certainly to MY DETRIMENT.