Misconceptions About Canadian Copyright Term

IT Business features a story on how George Bernard Shaw's work is in the public domain in Canada and therefore used for high school students in an Ontario-wide project.  The article includes comments that the term of copyright "almost everywhere in the world" is life of the author plus 70 years (Canadian term of copyright is life of the author plus 50 years).  This is simply incorrect.  There are dozens of countries from around the world that have the same life plus 50 years term and claims that Canada is somehow offside or unusual with its copyright term are wrong.


  1. What is the punishment for misleading the public with false information?
    If none, it looks like one is necessary.

  2. United Hackers Association says:

    1st off
    remmeber copyright was created originally to give an artist SOME benefit NOT total control

    we the people have given them this right and now we must take it away to show them they are not , repeat NOT in control.

    IF they are in control im going out to get some weapons to get ready for the war against democracy.

  3. If the artists are still in control 50 years after their deaths, get out the silver bullets and wooden stakes. Ordinary weapons will not stop them.

    It’s really about corporate balance sheets.