Don’t Leave Canada Behind Campaign

The Globe and Mail reports on the Don't Leave Canada Behind Campaign, which has rallied more than 2,000 researchers against government cuts to scientific research.

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  1. lyn davignon says:

    National Non Profit, will fully fund, Research and development
    National Non Profit, will fully fund, Research and development , Do you want to know more?

    This exert is from our party platform. Do you want to know more? Go to N N P

    Research and development.

    Canada is the most culturally diversified country on the planet.
    We represent all the peoples and cultures on earth.
    Together we will create the greatest and best system of research and discovery on the planet.
    Canadians are the only people on the planet with the resources and will to build it.
    Because we are a reflection of the plant.

    We will build thousands of new integrated, research and development centers.
    These will be mostly, located in communities of less than 10,000 populations.
    All research and development centers will be fully
    Funded Employee owned facilities.
    All restrictions on types of research will be removed;
    We will learn everything, we can about everything.
    And will share this knowledge with the People’s of the planet.
    This system will create over 300,000 research jobs.
    In addition to Canadian researchers, we will invite thousands of foreign researchers to work with us for the betterment of all creatures on this planet.
    Medical research and development.
    A nationwide, system, of integrated research and development and production facilities.
    New facilities will be built in small communities across the country.
    Working with and incorporating all current research facilities.

    An integrated research and development and production system.
    Supplying medicines and equipment to the health care system.
    These facilities will create, manufacture and distribute all medicines and medical equipment the country needs.
    All of these facilities will be a fully funded Employee owned corporations.

    We will cure diseases, not just treat the condition.
    The current medical and pharmaceutical system is based on treatment
    Archaeologists, anthropologists, geological and astronomical research.
    We will create and fund specialized research facilities to learn everything about the past and what ever we can about the universe. By learning about our past we will discover our future.
    Do you want to know more?
    It takes only 1 piece of paper to do this.
    What do you think?