Entertainment Software Association Lobbies For Reintroduction Of C-61

The Entertainment Software Association conducted a major lobbying event this week in Ottawa, using it to promote copyright reform and the reintroduction of C-61-like provisions.  Conservative MP Mike Lake, the Parliamentary Secretary to Industry Minister Tony Clement, said that the bill is a priority for the government.


  1. Riley August says:

    Back to the old grind
    ESA? Eeeew. I used to work in game development, those guys are just criminals. They don’t represent me or anyone else making things.

  2. Quite the distinguished group of members
    I had a look at the membership of ESA Canada (posted on their website). Not quite as bad as the CRIA… they have a couple of members who are not just the Canadian branch office of a multinational. Of course, those members are involved in distribution and marketing, not development shops…

  3. Leak it over to Wikileaks
    @Riley August: If you used to work in game development and want to blow the whistle, post your stuff to Wikileaks, so that the world gets to know more about it.

  4. United Hackers Association says:

    good luck with it
    seems the same old greed a cometh.
    locks on your houses that aren’t yours , car doors same thing.
    a true download of a xvid tv or movie = dvdr rip aka anti circumvention and a 20000$ fine plus the 500$ download.

    NOT like were doing much these days download wise , after all there is a cap coming and this throttle.
    So they win win all way round not only punishing people with tripling the cost of internet but reducing what ya can do with it by 95%.
    SCREW THESE PEOPLE ALL OVER GO GO GO, they deserve a download and no payment for treating everyone the way they do.

  5. @Anon: Looking at the list, I think most of their members are more than distribution and marketing… b/t EA (EA Canada, EA Montreal, Bioware), Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Quebec, Action Pants), Disney (Propaganda, Club Pengiun), Activision (Beenox) and Take2 (Rockstar Vancouver, Rockstar Toronto), there are a good number of sizable development shops…

  6. Re: Riley August
    That’s the problem, all these lobby groups claim to represent a vast majority of industry and really don’t. I’m a software developer as well, I’m not a part of the ESA, nor have I ever been invited to such a group.

    It’s the same for the recording industry as well. The CRIA claims to represent the interests of the Canadian Recording Industry as a whole. One of their main members is starkly against their lobby efforts, and claims..while the others have lost so much Canadian talent over the years over the copyfight, they no longer represent the majority.

    The politicians seem to be very much out of touch on the realities on the copyfight, and are starting to look very much like dumb cattle. I’m glad that we have people working the public interest who are starting to get the backing of the actual industry outside these lobby groups, and join the rest of the civilized world to go cow tipping once in a while 😉

  7. United Hackers Association says:

    dumb cattle that seem facist
    you give them far too much credit , cattle have uses…

  8. Gamer. I was referring to the Canadian companies, not the multinationals. The ones where the corporate headquarters are in Canada is strictly distribution and marketing. You are correct that there is development done in Canada by the multinationals, but I can’t speak to how much. I understood that the shops weren’t all that large (of course, that also depends on what you consider to be a large shop).

    I have to agree with Jason K about the claims of representing the industry.

  9. United Hackers Association says:

    its foreigners making law in canada
    to me that is treason to allow foreign people to get laws made that benefit a foreign land, unless it benefits me i don’t want a law made

    got it simple there harper

  10. United Hackers Association says:

    as the movie serenity states
    River tamm: “meddling, people don’t like that we meddle, we get in there heads , there homes there lives , we meddle”

    HAS little to do with wrong or right, your meddling will be the undoing CRIA AKA the american slave labour actor /musician agency.

  11. Anon said “I understood that the shops weren’t all that large”

    Don’t know the exact numbers, but I believe EA Canada in BC and Ubisoft Montreal in Quebec both rank among the largest development studios in the world…they’re certainly ranked among the top 3 most successful: