France and South Korea Move Toward Three Strikes And You’re Out

Recent decisions to abandon a three strikes and you're out copyright model in New Zealand, the UK, and Germany, have not been replicated in two other countries.  Last week, both France and South Korea moved toward implementing the approach in their national laws.

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  1. and they will go dark
    soon Frances net penetrations and people using them will drop drastically. This will totally help the conclusion that HOLLYWOOD Lied about p2p being the source of the problem and in fact this will give us all (unfortunately to the french and Koreans FOR now that is ) the ammunition to say its bribed politicians and AIG style greed that is truly behind it all.

    DON’T know hollywood how your going to pull it out now you have put yourself exactly where I WANT YOU.

    YOU WILL NOW ARM US ALL with the proof that even without the internet YOUR not going to increase sales with the policies you have and price models.
    MOST of those that use p2p are already poor.