Canadian Publisher Offers Forthcoming Book as Free Download

The Toronto Star reports that the House of Anansi, a Toronto-based publisher, is offering a free download of Emily Schultz's Heaven is Small, a book that will be released in paper form later this week. The publisher notes that "based on our previous experience people were checking out the digital book but still buying the print version."


  1. David Collier-Brown says:

    That’s what O’Relly found
    Back in 2000, O’Reilly and Associates published
    “Using Samba”, a computer book I wrote much of.
    At the same time that made it available electronically, in short easy-to-print sections.
    I wondered if this was smart, but indeed, the
    readers referred to the on-line version, but
    bought the professionally printed version. It
    was one of their besy-selling titles that year.

    I’m glad to see this is true of novels, too.


  2. United Hackers Association says:

    no one cares with UUB and caps
    this is what happens the internet becomes a ghost town and you get NO free advertising now.

    get used to it. it gets worse and worse till they have no sales and no internet.
    YOU will see the correlation as time goes on…..