Is BNN Trying To Silence Copyright Debate?

So asks CCER, which has a post on how the Business News Network appears to have selectively issued notice and takedown notifications on segments involving debate on Canadian copyright.

Update: BNN responds, indicating that the takedown policy is broad-based and not specific to copyright.


  1. Simple question (perhaps)
    How much advertising money does BNN get from the industries that are pushing for a Canadian DMCA? If a significant portion, then a threat to withdraw those revenues can be a big thing, especially since BNN is owned by CTV which is whining about the broadcast revenue model.

  2. silly me says:

    how silly of me for thinking we’re free
    I think this is the start (that was noticed) of more to come.

    What was it that the Quebec Consumer Union charged in with at the CRTC?

    Oh yeah, how silly of me to forget. Freedom of [removed] A charter right) is being taken away from the Canadian people.

    Meanwhile Harper can, will, and did rip CPAC films, put them on youtubefor his political “free speech” (and gain) and they do nothing when it’s brought to their attention.

    How silly of me to think that freedom of expression would be granted to all Canadians and not just Harper and the conservatives.

  3. not new.
    We already know that the current copyright laws can be used as a censorship tool.
    This case shows that it is nearly impossible to tell if this is the intent since it is easy to whip up a smokescreen by blocking other random content as well.
    Whether or not it actually is being used in such a way in this case I think is not so much relevant as the fact that it could be, and this points to a flaw in our current system in my mind.