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Canadian Labour Congress Adopts New Copyright Policy

Earlier this year, I posted on a Canadian Labour Congress IP policy that was scheduled for approval by the CLC Council.  The proposal represented a dramatic shift in approach  that was exceptionally one-sided.  The proposal did not pass, however, and the CLC formed a working group to develop a new policy.  Sources advise that the new policy was approved late last month and the results much better reflect the diversity of interests within Canada's largest labour organization.  In fact, the policy combines both copyright and net neutrality, adopting a broader approach to digital policy.

On copyright, the policy statement contains 14 recommendations including expanding fair dealing, limiting the application of statutory damages, eliminating crown copyright, and linking anti-circumvention legislation to actual infringement.  The 14 recommendations:

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NZ and Australian ACTA Criticism Mounts

Criticism of ACTA in Australia and New Zealand continues to mount with a steady stream of articles complaining that assurances that ACTA would be limited to commercial piracy "are turning to dust."

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November 11, 2009 Comments are Disabled News

ESA Applauds RCMP IP Enforcement Work

The Entertainment Software Association has applauded the RCMP for its work in targeting infringing activities at the Pacific Mall, just north of Toronto.  The actions come despite repeated unfounded claims that Canada is a "piracy haven."

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This Magazine on Legalizing Music File Sharing

This Magazine has a feature story on legalizing music file sharing, with particular focus on the SAC proposal.

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