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Copyright Consultation Provides Blueprint for Reform

Forgotten amidst the focus on ACTA over the past two weeks, was a recent column (HT PDF version, homepage version) I wrote for the Hill Times on the lessons that can be drawn from this summer's copyright consultation. The piece appears as part of a special section on copyright that included an interview with Industry Minister Tony Clement, Charlie Angus, Howard Knopf, Pina D'Agostino, and Simon Doyle (amont others). I note the government is still in the midst of posting all the submissions, but with thousands now online, it is not too early to begin drawing some lessons. 

What does the consultation teach us?  There are at least eight conclusions of note:

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Kindle Coming To Canada, But Who Provides the Wireless?

There are multiple reports this morning that Amazon is finally selling the Kindle in Canada.  The device comes with wireless downloads, which suggests that a deal has been struck with a Canadian carrier.  But which one?

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