Kindle Coming To Canada, But Who Provides the Wireless?

There are multiple reports this morning that Amazon is finally selling the Kindle in Canada.  The device comes with wireless downloads, which suggests that a deal has been struck with a Canadian carrier.  But which one?

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  1. Let’s hope it isn’t one of the “big three”.

  2. It’s called Rellus
    “Gouging our customer is a top priority”

  3. Captain Canuck says:

    Thanks to the guinea pigs down south, I already know how bad of a product it is.

  4. Who cares which wireless carrier? That is Amazon’s problem, not the consumer.

    Amazon delayed the launch in Canada because they had competitive choice in suppliers of wireless access. What a novel concept.

  5. Haha, that’s funny
    Are you sure you’re allowed to use ‘Canada’, ‘wireless’, and ‘competitive’ in the same sentence?

  6. @Eric L.
    Given that the “Big 3” are the only ones with a nearly national network infrastructure, you can be pretty sure it will be one of them. Most of the remainder, other than those that are owned by the “Big 3”, resell access to the “Big 3” networks.

    In any case, when I looked at the coverage map that Amazon provided for the Kindle in Canada, it looked suspiciously like the Rogers network… Which makes sense given the network types that the device supports (HSDPA/3G with fallback to EDGE/GPRS).

  7. Kindle Canada says:

    Amazon Kindle that official available for Canada now are Kindle 3, 3g, Dx and New Kindle $109. Not now for Kindle Touch & Fire. But I want Kindle Touch so much – I google and fount the way to get that here Does any one try this method, Is it working?