No Response to Search Engine Request for Clement ACTA Interview

TVO's Search Engine reports that the response to its request for an interview with Industry Minister Tony Clement on ACTA has been "ambivalent and evasive."


  1. I thought the conservative was supposed to represent us? says:

    I thought the conservative was supposed to represent us? Why do they refuse to talk to us? Why can’t they talk to the media so we know what they are thinking.

  2. Why?
    Because their rules of engagement presume that the news services have the knives out and aimed for the New Conservatives’ hearts.

  3. Dont expect them to answer your questions come election time either. I tried to contact my local Con MP to ask platform specific question prior to the last election. I forwarded my questions to “staff” once every week for at least 2 months (by phone, email, snailmail, fax). Not one response. Which leads me to speculate MP’s are being muzzled by their political overlords. It is now almost 14 months later im not going to hold my breath. Jesse keep at it but dont expect anything from a con. ACTA was meant to be a “secret” after all.

  4. (Dennis) Does he hold town halls?
    If that’s true looks like nothing short of personally bringing up the issue with an MP is your only hope of getting anything vaguely resembling an answer from them. There is not much one can do but keep up the pressure all the way down ACTA’s lifespan. If things start getting interesting at least we can say that we tried our best to change things under the auspices of the existing system…

  5. Dwight Williams says:

    The responses to my concerns thus far from my MP?
    What few there’ve been have been all boiler-plate hewing to the official party line. And mine own MP is also on the “government” side of the House. Muzzling would not surprise me, given what we saw of ex-Conservatives who publicly resisted those rules.