ACTA Issues Heats Up in Denmark

Last week's revelation that Denmark is one of the countries blocking ACTA transparency has stirred up media attention in that country.  The issue was covered by the national broadcaster and in the press.

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  1. A friendly disagreement
    Hi there,

    It’s wrong that the debate is heating in Denmark, I’m affraid to say. Besides the article you linked to and further two (ComOn and CRN), the written medias haven’t mentioned it with a single word. Characteristic for the three online-medias are, that they write about “computer stuff”, but the mainstream press, who were very busy defending the so called ‘Muhammed drawings’ and freedom of speech, ironically, are dead silent on this matter.

    Fortunately the danish national broadcaster (Danmarks Radio) brought up the issue in the news-magazine DR2 Udland. The name translates to ‘the foreign issue’, since they broadcast stories from outside the danish borders. This is not broadcast on the main channel, but on the “sister channel” to DR1, DR2. Still a great deal of respect to the skilled and independent journalists at DR2 – we’re very lucky to have neutral yet sharpened public, national news broadcasting in Denmark 🙂

    Yet, it’s waaaaayyy too much saying that the issue heats up 🙂