Anti-Spam and Data Breach Notification Bills Coming Next Week

The government has placed two bills on the notice paper for introduction next week: the Electronic Commerce Protection Act (which is the re-introduction of the anti-spam bill that died with prorogation) and amendements to PIPEDA (which should be a data breach notification requirement bill).

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  1. The Business Outsource Guy says:

    Another little know Act
    Another thing for consumers to remember is the government passed the Red Flag Rules as part of the Fair Credit Act of 2003. This requires all companies who have recurring accounts using regularly scheduled payments to be in compliance by December 2009. Many companies have identy protection solutions already in place, covering their subscribers.

    It’s worth a call to your local utility or cable company to inquire about their Red Flag Compliancy Policies”. You may find you are already covered by an identity theft program without having to incur the costs yourself.

    For additional info you can google “red flag compliance” and check out the page form the FTC.