Clement Interview on TVO’s Search Engine

TVO's Search Engine features a detailed interview with Industry Minister Tony Clement on Bill C-32.  Clement is clearly sensitive to the concerns associated with digital locks in the bill, though his suggestion that the new provision on ephemeral recordings would allow broadcasters to circumvent locks for news reporting does not appear consistent with the bill.


  1. Schultzter says:

    Link to the actual article
    Here’s a link to the TV Ontario program page

    Would have been good to have that too, not just a link directly to the MP3 podcast!


  2. @Shultzter
    Your link sucketh. (doesn’t work)

  3. Tony Clement … is NOT a tool!
    I hope the guy isn’t lying through his teeth in that interview…because after listening he even managed to get a hardened cynic like myself to see just a glimmer of hope for good in this upcoming copyright legislation.

  4. I was hoping for examples of breaking digital locks that don’t infringe on anything at all, but still must be stopped to explain why they bill should be set up that way. All the examples Tony mentioned as being “the industry’s side of the argument” were infringing examples even if digital locks were tied to infringment. I found no actually argument or explanation for the bills stance on digital locks in the interview.