More Canadians Speak Out on Bill C-32, Deadline Today

Today is the final day for Canadians to submit their comments on Bill C-32 to the legislative committee examining the bill.  New posts of submissions include Heather Morrison linking open access with copyright reform and Dylan McCall with a library perspective. Meanwhile, covers the politics behind the bill and MTV News tries to get younger Canadians interested in copyright reform (Clip 5).


  1. My final comment…
    … is “drop it”. Abolish copyright. And patents while we’re at it.


  2. so how do i tell them that this is a bad idea(bill). i need the info quick because i am going to be late for my 2 of 3 jobs to pay for my “new” internet bill.

  3. @bob
    I used , they have a letter wizard, I didnt send the standard letter they have, but wrote my own views and what I think would be fair. Somehow though I expect I will get the same canned response so many received.
    It seems so many people do not even know this is happening, I just found out today !

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  5. Copyright Law should strict !!!!!
    Hionestly, speaking, I violated copyright law ove over again while I was school. I simply copy the books or course pack materials from my friends who legally purchased it. I really feel bad now when I think of it. The main reason was lack of knowledge about the copy right law or lax copyright law that are not implementaed by Govt. I really feel sorry for the people or writer who spend years to write a book and never receive the returns. I think our copyright law should be strict enough to discourage students, teachers and other violating the copyright law and respect the right holders.


    X U of T student

  6. Robert White says:

    Good thinking there, Bon. You have character. Most folks here are internet addicts who want no barriers to their addiction.