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CRTC Endorses CCTS

The CRTC has reaffirmed its support for the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS), an agency that works to resolve disagreements between Canadians and their service providers.  I wrote about the CCTS last year.

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  1. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.
    One useless Commission endorsing another useless Commission.
    Both controlled by the Telecoms.

    It inspires a lot of confidence.

  2. It’s useless to complain.
    My own experience with the CCTS is that it’s utterly useless, and, I suspect, purposefully constituted that way. I made a complaint 2 years ago when Bell stole my unlimited internet access plan. My complaint made its way through an investigation, at the end of which the investigator agreed that Bell had simply swapped the plan I had been on for years for something I’d have to pay about twice as much for, without colour of right. Okay, so what’s to be done, I naively asked? Nothing, I was told. The Commissioner could only “make a recommendation” to Bell to give me my plan back. Which Bell refused. The end. What a ridiculous exercise.

  3. CCTS is an impotent organization
    If you are thinking of lodging a formal complaint against a telecommunications company get ready for your exercise–IN FUTILITY. I tried with Telus. Telus lied, enacted services that I never asked for and stole my large balance. The CCTS investigator told me that Telus offered a one-time “goodwill” gesture–that involved me grovelling and “confessing” that I was wrong. I refused. My principles are more important than money, no matter the amount. In the end, Telus (like Bell, like Rogers, like Shaw, like fill-in-the-space with your corporate Goliath) dictates the terms to the CCTS, the CCTS “mediator” states that the company has practiced due diligence with their offer and the case is closed. The CCTS (like the BBB) sounds great in principle; however, in practice, it is impotent and appears to be on the side of business not the consumer.

  4. CCTS = Bell, Rogers, Telus etc. doing nothing
    CCTS resolved nothing for me – a waste of time.

  5. CCTS only good for an income tax exemption
    Read who sits on the CCTS board,it’s telling:
    For one, they’re almost all from the public sector,except Jill Schatz.Jonathan Daniels a Bell regulatory lawyer.Howard Maker also has a history with non profit,or “public,” government arms length entities.How effective can CCTS be,in understanding the need for accountability,or transparency,let alone demanding it for consumers?CCTS doesn’t fall under any obvious government oversight,but is permitted to generate revenue from providers as a non profit who pays little to no tax…amazing setup if you can create it.

    Funding,CCTS is non profit,but [providers] “They pay a one-time fee that is based on the amount of their Canadian telecommunications revenues.They also pay fees on an annual basis”Interesting the fee’s proportionate to the number of complainants received;legitimate,or otherwise? What a flawed attempt at offering consumers a “watchdog.”Under Industry Canada, doesn’t CCTS have to follow their mandate under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act.

    As mobiles,tablets hit pricing as high as $600,or more,in addition to $600,or higher annual service rates consisting of second world benefits.Canadian consumers have to be better protected from hidden,or phantom disclosures.CRTC has started to bring in a more balanced transactional relationship with a long overdue Wireless Code [File number: 8665-C12-201212448],albeit it likely involved lobbying from the carrier community.Does CCTS have any reason to exist,it may not directly profit from tax payers.They do have tax benefits for being a non profit,reducing,or exempting themselves from paying taxes.

    Bell has got the whole thing figured out , they did nothing for a year, then put a canceled contract on my credit file of 798, when I complained there wasn’t a contract they said we don’t have to show anything, I contacted CCTS , I wasted weeks dealing with them and Bell, only to find out Bell was building a case to say it was over a year so CCTS has no authority on the issue now, the whole thing is over two years now so it cant be dealt with by courts either, CCTS is a waste of time!!