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Canada’s National Digital Strategy: Hidden in Plain Sight

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of delivering a keynote address at the Cybera Summit in Banff, Alberta.  The conference focused on a wide range of cutting edge technology and network issues.  My opening keynote discussed Canada digital economy legal strategy. While the formal digital strategy has yet to be revealed, I argued that the digital economy legal strategy is largely set with legislative plans touching on lawful access, privacy, online marketing, and copyright.


  1. Watched first bit…
    Watched the first part of Prof. Geist’s video about the government’s ‘digital strategy’ and the first name that came to mind was: China.

    I wonder why….

  2. Finished watching and I agree.
    “Political choices, not policy ones.”

    Yep. I’ll definitely agree with that one. The willful ignoring of the public’s opinion of the digital locks on C-11 (those who are aware of it) is very political and very much a characteristic of Harper’s government. Not that previous governments weren’t similar but screwing over of the blind and potentially other disabled people with digital locks is a powerful sign that unless enough people scream bloody murder they’ll listen only to people with money and influence.
    I’m a little surprised as I know of one Conservative MP who is disabled and cannot walk, if not blind, and I wonder if he’ll be voting for this bill.

  3. Can someone please define “digital economy”? Thanks.

  4. Digital locks = fail
    Under this new law anyone who bought this sfotware nd tried this would be a criminal even though they bought the product.

    I’m sure all the big software corporations are just salavating for this to pass in Canada.

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