CIRA Proposes Changes to IDN Plan

CIRA has launched a new round of consultations on its amended plans to introduce Internationalized Domain Names.  The new process will signficantly restrict the number of new domains as the dot-ca administrative agency is now proposing that the holder of a particular domain name would have the exclusive right to register all of the variants of that domain name, and that no one else could register any of those domains.


  1. This seems consistent at least.
    CIRA seems determined to treat the CA registry as some sort of brand…

  2. There *is* a point to be made
    Though I usually don’t like restrictions, there is a point here.

    The thing with internationalized domain names is that you can use Unicode characters that are virtually identical to one of the latin characters. A modern browser should warn English and French users that the url is internationalized, so they are more or less safe. But we have to think about those that actually use these IDNs. In order for IDNs to be useful, you need to safeguard against using identical-looking-but-not-the-same character tricks. The ‘exclusive right to register’ is just a cheap way locking them for registration.

    Note that this should be a very narrow definition of ‘variants’ ( is not the same as

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