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lg-cinema-3d-smart-tv-60la8600 開箱 by Sinchen.Lin (CC BY 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/fmBE9d


The Law Bytes Podcast, Season One in Review: The Telecom and Broadcast Policy Episodes

Telecom and broadcast policy figured prominently in season one of the Law Bytes podcast. With Canada currently studying potential reforms and cultural issues emerging as a possible electoral issue, there are no shortage of issues worth of discussion. Given its role as a telecom and broadcast regulator, the CRTC was the subject of several episodes: Monica Auer of FRPC talked about her extensive access to information work on the CRTC, while former CRTC Commissioner Peter Menzies joined the podcast to help sort through Cancon funding, Internet regulation, and the role of the Commission.

Telecom episodes included a conversation with TekSavvy’s Andy Kaplan-Myrth on efforts to improve the competitiveness of the Canadian telecom sector alongside a very popular episode with Antonios Drossos of Rewheel Research, who discussed why Canadian wireless prices remain high relative to many other developed economies. Broadcast and cultural issues were addressed in the Menzies episode as well as part of a terrific discussion with Ryerson’s Irene Berkowitz on Canada’s YouTube creative sector.

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