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Fox News On ACTA

As public concern over the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement mounts, even Fox News has taken an interest.


  1. Astroturf alert!
    They are blaming Obama, but Obama is a pawn among the transnational entertainment kartels.

    Otherwise there would not be so many RIAA and MPAA agents at senior positions in the Department of “Justice”.

  2. Nothing Like Multi-Partisan Support…
    …and this once, on this issue, I’m inclined to hold my nose.

  3. grand pubah
    Google CNN and ACTA, Fox and ACTA. ACTA is not being reported on at all. You will get more hits on google with CNN marshmallow!

    The silence is deafening! I guess CNN is a proponent of ACTA.

  4. Loyal Whater Buffalo
    I googled CNN and ACTA and the only listing on the first page was the posting by Thomas!

    I also looked for articles on other major US news networks and NOTHING! The silence about this important negotiation has shaken any trust I had in these organizations to report news stories that contradict the desires of the $$$$(people?) who control them.