ACTA Criticism Goes Global

The mainstream media is picking up on the ACTA issue with a growing number of stories, all of which criticize the secret approach.  New articles include:


  1. Anthony Hemond says:

    INTERVIEW – Don’t jail illegal music sharers – UN agency
    INTERVIEW – Don’t jail illegal music sharers – UN agency

  2. The best answer to the problem of copyright infringement
    Is simply to ignore it. Why? Because 99% of those who are sharing these things FOR NO PROFIT could not afford the things in question in the first place at the prices that the industry wants to charge.
    If the industry TRULY wants to turn these people into customers, they are going to have to LOWER THEIR PRICES and start providing some way to ‘try before buy’ at a very nominal cost.

    That is only going to work for a short while, however…. the consensus among most people is that movies and music are cultural things that should not be charged for, and that they are paying for in numerous other ways so they should be allowed to download these things online with no whining from the companies in question.

  3. So Christopher walks into a store …
    And takes the CD or DVD because he doesn’t feel like paying for it.

    And then Christopher sneaks into the movie theater to watch the movie because he thinks its a “cultural thing” he doesn’t have to pay for.

    Who pays for the store staff, the ticket taker, the popcorn seller, the floor cleaner, the artists, the sound crew, the graphic designers, the writers, the musicians, the cost of manufacturing and shipping product, the truckers, the actors and everyone else associated with Christopher’s “free” music and movies?

    The impact is exactly the same when it is peer-to-peer, using illegal dish or decoder technology etc.


  4. There be lawyers
    Here they come, defending the ACTA lady and her privacy, now that
    “Prof. Geist led the feverish attack”:

    “NGOs of dubious funding sources”, Chris says: (via @gfiremark on Twitter)

    By @bensheffner & ­- “scaremongering”,”reckless”,”one-sided”

    And @bsookman finds “fear mongering”,”misinformation”,”frenzied propaganda”, all “very disturbing”; but ACTA secrecy is fine and global TPM enforcement would be dandy.