Speak up, make your voice heard by Howard Lake (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/9rAjnQ

Speak up, make your voice heard by Howard Lake (CC BY-SA 2.0) https://flic.kr/p/9rAjnQ


The Trouble with the TPP: Canadians Get Their Chance To Speak Out

Yesterday I concluded my 50-day series on the Trouble with the TPP which examined the intellectual property and digital policy issues raised by the agreement. In addition to the posts on this blog, I’ve created some additional ways to work through the various posts including a Medium summary and Storify version with links to all 50 posts.


The end of the TPP series comes at a good time. Last week, the Standing Committee on International Trade, the House of Commons committee charged with leading the study of the TPP, announced its plans for the public consultation.  The key points:

In addition to hearings that will take place in Ottawa, and following approval by the House of Commons, the Committee expects to hold hearings across Canada over the coming months. Once cross-country hearings are confirmed, information will be provided about dates and locations.

Canadians who wish to provide a written submission must do so before 23:59 EDT on April 30th, 2016. Written submissions are to be no more than 1,500 words. More information on the process for providing a written submission can be found in the Guide for Submitting Briefs to House of Commons Committees. Written submissions should be emailed to: ciit-tpp-ptp@parl.gc.ca.

Canadians who wish to appear as a witness can make their request at any time during the study. They should provide their name and contact information to the Clerk of the Committee at: ciit-tpp-ptp@parl.gc.ca.

In addition to the committee consultation, the government is also inviting public feedback. Canadians can send their comments directly to Global Affairs Canada, which is managing the government’s consultation. The email address is TPP-PTP.Consultations@international.gc.ca.


  1. Devil's Advocate says:

    “…the House of Commons committee charged with leading the study of the TPP, announced its plans for the public consultation.”

    How was this “announcement” made, exactly?
    I haven’t see any mention of this on any of the mainstream newscasts, nor does anyone seem to be getting any mail on the subject.

    Of course, the MSM hasn’t been saying much about the TPP anyway.

    • Greg A. Woods says:

      Did you follow the link to the Parliament of Canada press release?

      It’s pretty hard for anyone who pays attention to government press releases to have missed. It’s been the only press release made by the Parliament for the current session.

      Indeed the news media in Canada are not yet relaying this information. A search today of news.google.ca finds no stories about it whatsoever, and today is five days after the press release was made.

      • Devil's Advocate says:

        “Indeed the news media in Canada are not yet relaying this information.”

        Of course, I followed the link. A “press release” is not what I would call a massive effort to rally a public discussion. The Public, in the general sense, isn’t watching for these things.

        That is my point.

        In the last few decades, our government, regardless of who is power, has been deliberately protecting much of the corporate agenda from public scrutiny. I’d go as far as to say we’re witnessing corporate capture at a level comparable to that of the U.S. lately.

        If the Corporate World wanted the public input, we’d be hearing about it from every angle. All forms of media would be instructed to get the message out.

        If our government really wanted to see the public involved, it has the power to see that wish promoted. The act of putting out a press release is nothing more than a token gesture, to cover government ass. Are we supposed to look upon that as a sufficient effort, and if the media “picks it up” that’s a bonus!?

        These “trade deals” have always been nothing more than a fraud against the people of all the countries involved. They’re an end-run around various sovereignties, and designed to transfer more wealth to the elites, and shield corporations from the liabilities and responsibilities their actions would normally be subject to under the standard laws that were written to address them.

        There’s no way in hell our government is not fully aware of the farse these deals are. And, they demonstrate that awareness when they make no real effort to act in our interests, while continuing to enable the entire process in the manner it was obviously intended.

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  3. No trade should be free. As we have no one, who knows how to make a good deal for Canada . So stay away from these job stealing, country cheating. places.That short change us every time.
    my opinion, Always knew it was a mistake.

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