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Bill C-60 and Private Copying

While Bill C-60 is history, a specific provision involving private copying merits a brief comment.  The bill's approach to anti-circumvention provisions was generally that circumvention of a TPM was only an infringement where the purpose was to infringe copyright.  There was, however, a notable exception for private copying.  In other words, if you defeated the encryption on a copy-control CD for the purposes of making a private copy, that act would constitute infringement, even if the copying itself was lawful.

The presumed rationale behind this exception was that the private copying levy is supposedly linked to actual copying.  Supporters of the provision argue that the levy can go up or down, depending on that copying.  Assuming a world of ubiquitous copy-controls (that actually work), the levy would decrease to zero since there would be no private copying at all.


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March 9, 2006 5 comments News Goes From Bad To Worse

I recently blogged about CRIA's failure to renew, which it used as part of its "educational" campaign to convince users to stop downloading.  A blog reader has noted that the situation has gone from bad to worse as the site is now owned by a Russian download service offering […]

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March 9, 2006 6 comments News