UN Economist Weighs In On Industry Canada P2P Study

Zeljka Kozul-Wright, an economist focused on the creative industries with UNCTAD, has posted personal comments on the recent Industry Canada P2P study.  Kozul-Wright notes that:

To hold file sharing uniquely responsible for the decline in record sales  i.e., largely unauthorized downloading, is basically erroneous and far too simplistic. Moreover, such an assertion indicates a lack of understanding of the dynamics of the current process of creative destruction and transformation to the digital paradigm in the "recorded" music industry.

She also weighs in on the differing views on the Industry Canada study, stating that:

Our own research would support the arguments made in the Andersen and Frenz Study, 2007, that indeed there may be a significant positive relationship between file sharing and purchase or greater use of various other formats containing music content (although not necessarily record sales per se). . . the more recent, healthy overall industry earnings indicate the opposite of Liebowitz' assertion that . . ."file-sharing appears to have caused the entire decline in record sales and appears to have vitiated what otherwise would have been a growth in the industry." There is no empirical basis for such a facetious assertion.

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