Bell Canada Awarded Do-Not-Call Registry

As I predicted earlier this year, Bell Canada has been awarded the contract to run the do-not-call registry.


  1. While I wonder at the wisdom of allowing Bell (or any private company) to run this list I can’t help but feel this is a step in the right direction. I’d be more excited about this if it were left in the hands of the CRTC and there was choice about having charities, political parties ect…left from the list. Although from the way the article was written it’s hard to tell whether all of these organizations need to have “an existing relationship with the customer” or not.

  2. Michael, you’re so smart.

  3. Having tried to deal with Bell for almost a year now over their taking more money from my account than they were supposed too (no longer have automatic pay with them) I know how little customer support anyone will get from this service, with them administering it. Might as well go back to slamming the reciever down.

  4. Marie Angela says:

    I find it strange that Bell has been given the job of administering the “Do Not Call Registry”. My telephone number is listed under another name. And many of the soliciting calls I receive are obviously from companies using the Bell Directories as they are asking for the person listed, not me! So I just hang up after telling them it is a wrong number. Sometimes, when I receive several calls in a day (I have been at home full time the last three weeks), I just hang up. And, to my annoyance, these people have actually called me back and told me off! Or they won’t hang up and tie up my phone line! The marketeers are using the services of Bell Canada and yet now Bell Canada is expected to be “our watchdog”. What sort of convoluted thinking is this? Or is it just typical government mismanagement? Obviously, if this new registry costs an incredible amount of money and is totally useless, then it will be another case of typical government mismanagement. I wonder where common sense went – there seems to be a total lack of it nowadays.

  5. Wolves Guarding the Sheep
    Is it not strange that Bell is running this, as they are the worst offenders, sometimes calling my house 2-3 times a week. After repeatedly asking that they take me off their list, they do not becuse “I’m one of their customers.” Do they honestly think that they can force companies to buy and use this list?? What about the call centers overseas like the one in India that Bell Canada uses?? They probably stand to make a killing selling the numbers that are not on the list. I hope Bell remembers that one day all great empires fall.

  6. Just spent 45 minutes with bell trying to get them to deal with a ADAD (automatic dialer) telemarketer. Having gone thru the process before I don’t fall for their standard operating procedure to try to sell me services. Last time I called the CRTC who told me to call bell back because they are responsible to deal with issue and if bell still refused, call the crtc back and they will deal with bell. That got me further with bell actually checking the number. To bad it was a U.S. number so that ended anything they could do.

    Today however the bell rep followed the same process, try to sell, register for cma list, pass the buck, because they really don’t know what their powers are because people usually stop at the sell me some services line.

    send bell an email/letter requesting your phone listing NOT be included in the directly lists they sell to third parties.

    2. call the crtc if bell passes the buck. funny when I said ‘telemarketer’ the guy at the crtc transferred me to the CMA number but they only represent 800 reputable telemarketers. I called the crtc back and said this is a CRTC regulatory violation concerning a telemarketer…then he took my info to have someone call me back.

    Don’t give up, that helps the telemarketers. If their phones are cancelled at least they have to work to get a new number.

  7. business owner
    Sounds like a bunch of nonsense. Telemarketing firms will just move their operations out of Canada to countries like India even faster to get around the law. Thousands of Canadians will be put out of work as call centres represent a large chunk of employment often in cities that offer very little other employment. If business has to pay fees to NOT have access to customers it sounds bad all the way around.

  8. Business Owner
    Hey Tom…you a fuckin\’ shortsighted moron. If you run a telemarketing firm, go out a get a real fuckin\’ job, you loser. Noone cares about telemarketers being out of work…you guys are all scumbags. Have a good time in India, you fuckin\’ cocksucker!!!

  9. anti-chris
    Chris, don’t be such a knob.

    Call the office of the vice president, Bell Canada. They got a telemarketer with a fax machine straightened out for me very well.

    Calling FROM overseas is quite expensive compared to calling from north america, keep those telemarketers on the line as long as possible!

    Now if I could get those knobs from housecapades to stop calling. Is the owner still under investigation in the U.S.? Funny thing is Mike Bullard was with Bell Security!

  10. BJ
    Tom is right on the mark, look what happened when the US set up the federal donot call registry call center work went offshore. In the US telemarketers are free to call businesses, it only applies to residential #s

  11. sheribaby
    to Chris;

    please obey the etiquette of the internet and stop useing foul language. If you can’t be civilized, don’t spew on others.

  12. faxated
    I am getting real sick of the fax advertising, as many as 10 a day, I get maybe 2 busines related faxes per day, I have called and faxed their “take me off the list#’s some don’t work or exist, and some do, but then start back sending crap in a month or 2, a telemarketer is one thing, costs me about 3 seconds of my time to hang up the phone, but this costs me in paper and ink, the inconveinience of my fax running out of either when I have an important fax expected. these pricks should be banned all together, what they do is enviromentaly unfriendly in waisting paper, especially with repeat faxes on the same thing every week.
    Next time I visit my lawyer, if she says I can legally do it I will be counting /saving the faxes and after sending a warning I will submit bills to these people for the paper and ink with about a 1000% mark up, plus my time at $100 per hour in dealing with them and will be payable upon reciept, if payment is not recieved within 30 days I will tack on interest. and if payment is not recieved within 1 year I’ll haul them into small claims court

  13. Agreed
    Agree with faxated…
    (halvies on those legal fees?)

  14. Telemarketing
    Although I did NOT work for telemarket firm, I did work for a support call centre in Canada. Are they the same? no! But I have been getting massive calls lately on crap I won and I find it funny that 99% of the callers WON’T give me the information as to where they got my number from. One did and he stated that it came from a list that the phone company sells to telemarketing companies like them. I have tried various ways to piss these people off, including leaving them on the phone while I made dinner. Doesnt seem to bother them much though. So what is a person to do?