Canadian DMCA Raised in the Senate

Concern over the Canadian DMCA spilled over into the Senate yesterday, with a pair of questions over the lack of balance and the CDMCA delays.  Full transcript here.


  1. Post-Secondary Institutions only?
    Unless I something, the Senator is only talking about the concerns Post-Secondary schools have with the legislation. The problems are larger than that. We need to write to senators so they know this. (I’ll go do that now).

  2. “Senator Tardif: Honourable senators, it appears that the Minister of Industry decided not to introduce the copyright legislation yesterday, Tuesday, December 11, 2007, although a notice had been filed.

    Could the Leader of the Government in the Senate explain why the legislation was withdrawn, and could she tell the Senate whether the Minister of Industry will allow hearings to be held and conduct public consultations to ask Canadians what they think?”

    the answer was, no I cant explain why. but the follow up about public consultations was there.