Angus to Introduce Net Neutrality Bill

The CBC reports that hundreds of people attended the net neutrality on Parliament Hill and NDP MP Charlie Angus announced that he plans to introduce a Private Member's bill addressing the net neutrality issue tomorrow.


  1. Devil's Advocate says:

    Charlie’s Bill
    I could be experiencing a case of “conditioned response” here, but how much do you wanna bet that Charlie’s bill will end up taking a back seat to, and have to conform to, the Prentice copyright bill?

    It just seems to me Corporate interests have managed to attach themselves, with leech-like efficiency, to every element of these internet-related issues.

    1) We’ve got the MAFIAA “demanding” all sorts of control of the internet world – special police, ISPs as police, colleges as police, etc., and laws written with only their interests in mind – all supposedly in the name of “protection of intellectual property”. Included in their agenda is their ongoing “War on P2P”.

    2) We’ve got major backbone providers breaking out of the “common carrier” mold who are, without discussion to the governing bodies, arbitrarily launching their own content services (thereby becoming competitors with their own clients); arbitrarily deciding what type of internet traffic “deserves” to go through and how fast (thereby arbitrarily choosing to ignore current Common Carrier laws; arbitrarily opening and examining data packets in order to make these decisions (thereby arbitrarily choosing to ignore more of the current Common Carrier laws, as well as current Privacy Laws); and all the time still collecting Premium Rates for services they don’t intend to supply (thereby arbitrarily choosing to ignore basic Consumer Contract Law).

    3) We’ve got not only a Corporate Ass-kissing, technically-challenged Conservative Government that, unsurprisingly, wants to stay out of the “messy” debates and let “market forces prevail”, but we’ve also got that damned “North American Union” movement going on in the background (thanks to Martin and Harper, and which the Canadian Government still denies is happening), moving to merge everything American with everything Canadian. Everything they legislate in our Parliament right now is already under the scrutiny of the NAU movement, depending on the degree of “interference” that a proposed legislation might have on the movement itself.

  2. You don’t know Angus
    You obviously have never read or heard about Charlie Angus before.
    A Canadian willing to fight for the little guy.
    Get educated: [ link ]

  3. Devil's Advocate says:

    Charlie’s a fighter
    I definitely know about Charlie, and I’m all behind him.
    I have no doubt Charlie’s going to give his 120% to this effort. Having said that…

    Charlie is still one of those that Prentice and Harper can and will ignore, as they obviously have an agenda that has little to do with working for the Canadian People.

    Parliament’s not running the show much anymore (nor America’s Congress), and the Mainstream Media isn’t reporting what’s actually going on.

    Google “North American Union” and “Security and Prosperity Partnership”, if you think people like Bush or Harper are actually in charge. Check out what’s going on right under our noses. Lots of secret agreements that, collectively, are intended to circumvent and replace out very Constitutions.

    I’m not necessarily saying this development has much to do with Charlie’s ability to pass his bill, but it does have to do with why so much effort is required to even get your government’s attention on just about anything now.