Chamber of Commerce to Launch IP Coalition on Monday

As I posted last March, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce plans to launch a new IP coalition that will counter the Business Coalition for Balanced Copyright with a call for stronger IP protection. The Globe is reporting that the coalition will launch on Monday. The Chamber is also featuring a survey on IP on its site that is open to the public.

One Comment

  1. Biased survey
    It’s always troubling to encounter such a biased survey. Many of the questions were meaningless and clearly leading to a pre-determined conclusion.
    – Q: Do you license IP to or from other businesses? A. If you have a copy of Windows, yes.
    – Q: How important is IP protection? A. Very, but the question was about legal protection, not technical protection.
    – Q: If gov’t introduced stronger IP laws, would you be a) more likely, or b) less likely to invest in R&D? A: Neither. No effect.
    – Q: What % of your products/services have IP associated with them? A: 100%. They are all sold under our trademark. Duh.
    – Q: Could the gov’t do more to protect IP? A: Yes, by protecting user rights, but that’s not what you’re going to understand by my answer, so no.