Copyright Conferences and Balance

With all the talk this week about the PPF conference, the Conference Board of Canada is out with its own two-day conference in late May that is the most unbalanced Canadian copyright conference in recent memory.


  1. Stacked Deck
    Wow, that list of talks is disturbing to look at, I hope none of our elected representatives are taking it seriously.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its not intended to be a balanced discussion. That doesn’t make it bad.

  3. He who pays the piper
    I guess the Conference Board doesn’t have any consumers or users as members.

  4. competition
    As distributors of intellectual property increasingly try to treat me as a criminal rather than as a customer, I will eventually move all of my entertainment dollars towards creative commons and independent sources. Already, I’ve stopped listening to RIAA and CRIA music. Video looks to be next (although, admittedly more difficult a transition to make)

  5. Contact Them
    I sent them an email through their contact form. It’s at [ link ] for anyone else who feels like chiming in.