Copyright Letter to the Editor in the Citizen

A former Conservative organizer speaks out.


  1. There is hope yet
    At least there are still some people who, at one point were involved in the Government, believe in the rights of Canadians.

    Sadly enough they always come forward once they are no longer involved with politics. Al Gore also comes to mind on the topic of global warming.

    I just hope it’s not too little too late.

    Perhaps Brian Newman,

    will then get me a lawyer to start a class action lawsuit agaisnt bell and add rogers, then we can aim it broader at the issue of Canadians rights to privacy and democracy that the conservative party will NOT hold dear and the LIBERALS are backing.

    IF the liberals dont get an election or stop this, they will see the youth come to say “BYE” to both parties.

    Be awful darn funny if everyone in canada just voted green to get rid a the whole lot a them.