IP Caucus Rolls Out Welcome Mat for the U.S.

Sources indicate that the Parliamentary IP Caucus, co-chaired by Liberal MP Dan McTeague and Conservative Gord Brown, plan to roll out the welcome mat for the U.S. next Wednesday.  The meeting includes a presentation from four representatives from the U.S. Embassy along with a pair of speakers from the Entertainment Software Association.  To date, the IP Caucus has never invited representatives from the education or consumer communities to present.


  1. The members of this \”caucus\” should be held to account for this.

    Certainly, if Dan McTeagues is going to keep playing footsie with the Americans, the lobbyists, and the American lobbyists, than his Liberal colleagues should pull him back into line.

  2. IP Caucus
    You must remember that the members of the Caucus are also members of the Government and therefore *not* responsible to the people, but only to their party and their personal preretirement payoff funds a la exPM Mulroney.

  3. Abattoir says:

    Status of IP Caucus
    I can’t find any mention of this ‘IP Caucus’ on any official site. Does it exist in any official capacity? How can we learn more about what is being discussed?

  4. From the sounds of it, “IP Caucus” IS the welcome mat.

  5. What really confuses me is their sense of timing. An election is potently right around the corner. Not only does this give all sorts of ammunition for anyone brave enough to use it but there is absolutely no political upside to getting friendly with American interests right before an election. None. That just does not spin in Canada.