Athabasca University VP on C-61

Athabasca University Associate Vice-President of Research Rory McGreal has a great op-ed in the Edmonton Journal.  McGreal argues that "the proposed new Bill C-61 will have profound negative effects on researchers and educators as well as the general public, preventing them from exercising their historical rights. We need to balance these rights rather than skew them in one direction."

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  1. Lisa Budney says:

    Perfect Timing
    It’s ironic that this editorial came out the day fifty four of my colleagues and myself began a week long institute on incorporating technology in the classroom. We spent most of the day learning our options for getting our materials set up for e-courses. I was discouraged to read that if C-61 passes I’d have to delete my course after it ended and start again year after year. The slide-, and overhead-projector gang don’t have to do this. Why should I? Let’s hope we can convince the government to rethink this one.