CPCC Wins $1.75 Million Settlement

FYI Music reports that the Canadian Private Copying Collective has received a $1.75 million settlement over unreported sales of blank audio media.


  1. The Levies are unfair
    I purchase blank CDs to make bootable copies of the Linux operating system and give them out to friends and acquaintances for free. I’ve found that there are plenty of people willing to experiment with Linux given its track record of stability and security.

    What I don’t understand or agree with is an unknown percentage of the money I spend on blank CDs going to the music industry.

    Why should I be forced to pay them anything when the photos and open source software I copy onto blank CDs has nothing to do with musicians, record companies or artists of any kind?

    I think the whole levy thing is unfair and should be scrapped. There must be other ways to compensate musicians and rights holders than this.

  2. thank you b winter
    thank you really. I think this exact same thing every time I buy blank media for my work. I have to pay the levy for creating music videos with the variety of indie bands I know and work with. Why should the music industry be able to profit off of the works of the indie artists (videographers and musicians alike in this case) when they lost nothing with this use of blank media. Moreover, they did absoutely nothing in this situation to earn anything. They dont care about the bands I associate with, they have told them as much. But they should be able to profit from their efforts?

  3. Industry as enemy
    Unfortunately, “Copyright is often considered as an ass to be ignored or fought against” (Lawrence Lessig). Lessig finds this unfortunate, because it does not have to be like that. However, IMHO, the best approach now is to treat the “old” industries as the enemy and do everything it takes to destroy them.

  4. be rich prob solved says:

    be rich prob solved
    ok heres a real comprimise give them the DMCA BUT lesson copyright time for all digital media to 10 years.

    That would solve everything….
    Hasn’t been too many films or tv in past ten years i can’t live without. All new things you can pay a billion dollars for cause you are rich. Otherwise get stuffed.

  5. linux cd indeed says:

    linux cd indeed
    oh and when the stats as reported in 2005 sept were 5.4 million canucks using p2p and only 4 months later there was 9.8 million,

    One thing i hate are liers, at least i do not lie saying i get my tv and OLD movies off the net.
    Music i got long long ago and so much crud come sout these days i do not bother and since the SONY DRM HACKING incident i would not touch any music online ever again.

  6. Alan Cooper says:

    B Winter is Right
    . . . and I am sorry to say that, on this issue Michael Geist is wrong.

    The so-called Canadian \\\”solution\\\” of using media levies to justify personal copying is NOT fair to users of blank media for storage and reproduction of their own work, and any payment for mandated future reproduction of an item should be included in the purchase price of that item rather than being stolen from individuals unrelated to that transaction who may have no interest whatsoever in copying that or any similar product.