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Fry on C-61

Liberal MP Hedy Fry, who has conducted several copyright reform roundtables in B.C. and Alberta, discusses the bill in this interview.  Fry says the question is whether the bill can be fixed or should be opposed outright.

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  1. section 12 of the charter
    let it pass and ill turn myself in for the DVDRIPPED pre 1958 films i have that have no copyright yet violate the anti circumvention aspect of said new law.

    Then i will ask whomever becomes my lawyer to file a section 12 charter violation: CRUEL and UNUSAL PUNISHMENT.

    It is quite unusual to punish someone for a crime when its supposed to stop piracy and yet something that isn’t pirated I am being punished for.

    Pretty amazing with all the lawyers and legal dummies them CONSERVATIVES have up there and they toss this out.

    Also i would then also have to add pain and suffering as a counter suit as well as damages.

    might start a legal defense fund for others in simular occurances ( aka ill send you the 6$ for that call to get a free half hour lawyer call ) LIKE WTF IS THAT ABOUT? YUP IT COSTS YOU 6$ to TALK TO a LAWYER FOR 30 minutes FREE. nothing free about it. )