RCMP and Canadian Border Officials Seize Millions in Luxury Goods

The CBC reports that the RCMP and Canadian border officials have seized millions in luxury counterfeit goods, demonstrating yet again that Canadian law is not as powerless as critics suggest when it comes to dealing counterfeit issues.


  1. Screw hollywood says:

    SO C-61 is sooo needed
    so why do we really need c-61

    repeat after me

    now repeat it twenty times each day and tell you kids.
    It is killing the earth, it is killing YOU, it is killing me.

    One day the social revolution will happen, and a day of reckoning will then occur to those that were so greedy.

    And why not nationalize oil, this would benefit ALL of canada, not just newfy land and a few albertans who get oil checks, considering that ontario for years gave cash out to help other places where was our RETURN on INVESTMENT ( if you wish to be greedy i want my money back , my parents and there parents cash back)

  2. Can you fill us in on the history of convictions? It is one thing for the police to make arrests or seize goods. Are the laws sufficient to actually get convictions?

    I’m not a lawyer, but it seems to me that only if the Crown is able to get convictions that you would be able to conclude that [Canadian law is not as powerless as critics suggest when it comes to dealing counterfeit issues].

  3. hacker tells you the truth says:

    the feds just seem to choose when to do it
    its not a thing about legality its ENFORCEMENT
    aka having enough officers to do anything

    when you get that it will dawn on you proper

  4. reply
    its also why drugies arent busted ON MASSE
    if htey had 5 million cops in canada they could round em all up
    but whose going to pay fo rit
    epsecially for a crime where the it takes a lot to as you say do leg work to get a conviction

    so ok
    heres a solution perhaps the industry in question
    should instead a lobbying for a law that screws us all
    pay more taxes that go directly to paying fo rmore rcmp officers, oh but wait then we the tax payer have to pay for your stuff and it snot too expensive.

    see how this works.
    if levies makes a pair a jeans and sells at 50$
    and i can do it and make a profit at 20
    whats the real problem?
    is it counterfeiting or the fact that the company is so greedy that they create the market for coutnerfeit.

    things to think about