Prentice Focuses on New Media, Networks As Research Priorities

Industry Minister Jim Prentice today accepted the recommendations for specific research priorities as part of Canada's Science & Technology Strategy.  Identified sub-priorities include new media, wireless and broadband networks, as well as telecom equipment.


  1. What is the research?
    After blatant attempts to destroy them with restrictive copyright, the question that everyone should ask: what is the research he wants to be done? How to put them under government control maybe???

  2. vaudevillian says:

    I would seriously look into if Prentice is on the take for all these actions. Who would fight so hard for big business against the majority of the population of canada unless the were getting payed big bucks or kick backs. I think this politicain is very dirty. I think an invesigation should be done into his personal finances for the next 10 years, under the Harper, govenment accountablity election promisess.