Biden Calls Out Canada on IP Protection

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden told an MPAA dinner that Canada needs stronger intellectual property laws.


  1. Riley August says:

    MPAA dinner, huh?
    Sounds like I totally called it on Team Obama – between that and the wiretapping, I believe the words “traitors to humanity” apply pretty well.

  2. T. T.L. Greenwood says:

    Not Surprising, huh
    That is not f$%*ing surprising and that is why the main reason that I didn’t vote for Obama and Biden because of Biden’s extreme views of Interlectual Property.

    Oh, this just beginning new fresh kind hell with this Presidency!

  3. T. T.L. Greenwood says:

    I am sorry for misspelling the word ‘Intelectual’, and the left out words ‘is’, ‘the’, ‘of’, ‘a’ in the second second sentence.

    The correct ‘second’ sentence should be this “Oh, this is just the beginning of a new fresh kind of hell with this presidency”

  4. I don’t how much lighter JMac and Palin would have been on IP? I really don’t think the issue on any of their top 10 lists of things to get done. Besides … Biden says a lot of stuff, I don’t think this has any implications for white house policy in the near future.

  5. Barack W. Obama keeps filling DOInj with RIAA insiders
    Now they are seven:

    *Barack W. Obama – keeps filling the government with RIAA insiders.

    *Joe Biden – so many things I can’t name here. Head over to Wikipedia

    *Donald Verrilli, associate deputy attorney general — the No. 3 in the DOJ, who unsuccessfully urged a federal judge to uphold the $222,000 file sharing verdict against Jammie Thomas.

    *Tom Perrilli, as Verrilli’s former boss, the Justice Department’s No. 2 argued in 2002 that internet service providers should release customer information to the RIAA even without a court subpoena.

    *Brian Hauck, counsel to associate attorney general, worked on the Grokster case on behalf of the record labels.

    *Ginger Anders, assistant to the solicitor general, litigated on the Cablevision case.

    *Ian Gershengorn, left, a partner with RIAA-firm Jenner & Block, represented the labels against Grokster (.pdf) and will be in charge of the DOJ Federal Programs Branch. That’s the unit that just told a federal judge the Obama administration supports monetary damages as high as $150,000 per purloined music track on a peer-to-peer file sharing program.

    Found here:

  6. United Hackers Association says:

    welcome to facist america
    now bud out biden OR we just make or get round to not only turfing the CRIA but might just lesson those copyright terms as you don’t seem to get that YOUR again ripping off canada on softwood lumbers that’s a billion you owe us already, get hollywood to pick up the bill seeing how you bought and paid for the govt

    GO AWY BIDEN you can keep your bailout debt ridden country and goto bankruptcy and allow people ot go homeless while you eat
    steak tar tar

    ( /me bangs head like Garth and who ? – movie trivia )
    biden don’t he remind you a Darth Vader somehow?
    and the MPAA CEO as the emperor….

  7. “He singled out Canada, a close U.S. ally, as needing stronger laws; it never signed the treaty that led to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and a proposal to adopt anti-circumvention restrictions was never adopted. ”

    Correct me if I am wrong, but it appears to me that Canada signed the treaty. We have not, on the other hand, ratified it. In the same way that the US has signed, but not ratified, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.