MP Voting Records Go Online

At the urging of the NDP, the Parliamentary website is now offering details on MP voting records.


  1. Link to the records?
    Is there a link directly to the voting details? I could not find it quickly from the site home page.

  2. How to find the records
    Go to the Parliament homepage in your preferred language ( and find your MP by postal code. Click on the MP’s name to get to their “Parliamentarian File”, the URL should look something like “…”. Click “MP Profile” under “Selected Links”. Then click on the “Voted” tab.

  3. Votes are imposed by party leaders, not constituents
    A problem with the voting records is that most of them are imposed by the party leaders and not the constituents (as it should be).

    Recent Maritime liberal MP votes AGAINST the budget were rather the EXCEPTION while those things should rather be the rule.

  4. Daniel Haran says:

    Their usability is horrible, and for people with screen readers this looks atrocious.

    While they publish the list of votes in XML, it would be nice to have an RSS feed.