New Zealand Plans To Scrap Copyright Law and Start Over?

The National Business Review in New Zealand reports that that country's government plans to freeze any further reforms of its copyright law with the view to rewriting it for the digital age from scratch. (hat tip: Creative Freedom NZ)

Update: Mark Harris and Rick Shera cast doubt on this NBR report.


  1. Mark Harris says:

    As Twittered, please do not be holding breath for this. Comment from the Minister’s Office does not confirm the story and RIANZ (like the RIAA except local) think the story is bogus too. Wouldn’t be the first time the NBR got it wrong

  2. Musician/Taxi Driver
    copyright died a long time ago. move on.

  3. Musician/Taxi Driver
    I think google killed it.

  4. …hmmm, not by a long shot? Then again that would be nice, now if they would start changing this so-called “obscenity” laws in a somewhat unrelated story awhile ago.