“ACTA Shall Be Concluded in 2010”

The ACTA negotiating countries have released a joint statement on the key issues under discussion.  The document, which is presumably an attempt at transparency, is consistent with the various leaks regarding the content of the treaty, including the treaty structure, a de minimus provision, and the Internet provisions such as ISP liability and anti-circumvention legislation.  The document notably states the negotiations "shall be concluded in 2010."


  1. About that 1.179 Billion+ to 42 ratio in your tweet re: ACTA?

  2. Hopefully, it will be discarded in 2010.

  3. Chris90 Oh boy says:

    Looks like Chris90 astroturfed Michael Guest hard in the comments. That is pretty blatant support for anti-free-trade agreement.

  4. i am cadadian
    first of all its against the rights of all nations not to be able to share information in any aspick way or form against the fucken UN freedom of file sharing cant be stopped.and any country person or et that think the world will except there nazi way of life is sadly mistaken the tecnolague that is avalible is for all if ya cant get it in your thick heads well shove your heads up your asses and go back to the dark ages anyways in canada we know the earth spins around the sun so get with the program/

  5. sorry
    my comments were meant for another post but i still belive them to be true