Study Finds DVRs Help Broadcaster Ratings

The NY Times reports that contrary to fears, DVRs are proving to increase ratings and that many viewers still do not skip commercials.

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  1. Vincent Clement says:

    Duh. I can either watch a show when I am able to watch it. Or I can not watch at all.

    My desktop computer came with a TV Tuner card. I use Windows Media Center to record all sorts of TV shows. My wife then watches the shows with her laptop while cooking dinner or scrapbooking. Sometimes we eat supper and watch shows while our kids play.

    It’s wonderful to free oneself from the out-of-date concept of scheduled programs.

    Now only if Hulu would stop blocking Canadians…

  2. Times wrong again!
    The Times got this mostly wrong. Only 10% of DVR number is any factor. Advertisers want eyeballs when the spot is run and not overnight or 7 day!