Spain Codifies Legal Right to Broadband

Reuters reports that Spain has followed the Finnish lead by codifying a legal right to broadband.  All citizens will have the right to buy at least 1 MB at a regulated price.


  1. Félix Haro says:

    Not so easy…
    Hi from Spain,

    Not as easy as it seems. Same thing happened with telecom law some years ago, regulating the right to have internet access, and there’s a lot of places where it’s impossible to browse 🙂

    We have to wait till law’s development, and analyze final results.

    Congratulations for your blog

  2. its not as good as you think.
    in Sweden The State wants to build out the internet so that everyone in Sweden has 100mbits, thing is when the state owns the internet they kind of can decide whatever is going to be and happen and survey it how ever they please which in it self is wrong, although they are planing to do it whit taxpayer money is till don’t believe they have good intentions, they did the same whit the telephone network back when it was being built.